Thinking about trying your fortune on a slot machine? Get inspired by these recent jackpot wins in Las Vegas

2. Harrah's


Another player went home lucky from Harrah's after hitting an $81,450 jackpot. The player achieved this win from Ultimate Texas Hold 'em with a royal flush of spades. Many city locals frequent Harrah's, and it is a popular spot for gambling enthusiasts. Each time there is a win in a given casino, it attracts more players, and this may become the case with Harrah's as more guests will visit to try their luck at their favorite game.

Still at this establishment, a visitor from California identified as Sergio Ochoa hit the headlines on July 12 for his spectacular win of just under $250,000. It was sheerly coincidental that he was at the casino as he only went there because his flight got delayed. Little did he know that he would exit the venue with a quarter of a million dollars from a Royal flush. He received a congratulatory message directly from the casino's General Manager.

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