Do you know Vegas?

We are seeking content contributors to the Vegas 411 network of information sites to create articles, top lists, reviews, polls, and quizzes that are Las Vegas centric.

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You must possess solid writing skills for proper spelling and grammar, as well as a working knowledge of researching and writing for online publications.  All articles, lists, polls, and quizzes must be submitted through our creation interface; we do not accept Word documents or XML documents for submissions.  Articles submitted should have at least one external link; that may not be linked to an affiliate program, and only with permission to the creators/writers website.  Content submitted through this program may not be sponsored posts paid for by third parties or advertisers; if you're interested in advertising, please Contact Us.

We have a varying pay scale for different types, lengths, and styles of content.  If you're interested, please Contact Us to submit your ideas, and we will negotiate pay per submission rate; please include any sample writing links you may like us to see.

Please note all submissions are checked through CopyScape; we do not allow plagiarism in any form to be posted here - which includes obvious use of content spinning applications.

Thank you.