Superb and affordable lunch in Sin City

Even before the COVID crisis, getting a great, affordable lunch in Las Vegas wasn't always easy, unless you went to a fast-food joint. A decent lunch anywhere on the Strip can easily cost upwards of $30-$40, and that is putting it mildly.

However, don't give up. One of the best places to eat superb food at affordable prices is Le Thai. This small nondescript restaurant serves excellent Thai food at amazing prices. Le Thai has been in business for many years, and its reputation is only getting better. Le Thai has a comprehensive menu that caters to carnivores and vegetarians. Some of the dishes include the spicy eggland, the traditional pad thai, and several rice dishes including the spicy curry chicken. If you prefer noodles instead of rice, ask for the pad kee mow. The restaurant also has traditional Thai desserts - all of them sweet and delicious.

Almost every dish is made with fresh ingredients, the staff is friendly, and the service is excellent. If you want your food to be spicy, tell the staff before ordering, but make sure you ask for ample water as the food can be hot!

The majority of dishes are less than $10, with a few costing $12-$14. However, the food portions are large, and dinner for two won't cost more than $20-$25 or so. Drinks cost extra.

Because of its popularity, Le Thai is almost always packed for lunch, so you better come early. The restaurant doesn't accept reservations, and the wait times can vary from 3-45 minutes on the best days.